Our Services

Paloma Barbershop is located in San Diego’s Golden Hill.

Prices List

All services are finished with warm lather, a razor, and a hot towel.
1. First-Timers: Have we met yet? Let’s hang while we figure your hair out.
     a. Hair $30 60 Mins
     b. Face $25 60 Mins
     c. Both $55 90 Mins
2. Hair (All Cuts) $30 45 Mins
3. Face (Beard Trim or Shave) $25 45 Mins
4. Combo (Head and Face) $55 90 Mins

Cancellation policy: Traffic, obligations, and illness happen. Please give us a call to reschedule. No questions asked. Appointments are considered canceled if you are more than 10 minutes late. Please show up on time.

We accept cash only.

Untraditionally Traditional.

All Welcome. Welcome All.