Andrew Lee

Many years ago, I sat in a barber chair before my last interview for an office job in construction. That haircut not only helped me get that new job, it also inspired me to start a whole new career.

Coming from two generations of nurses, I realized it’s in my blood to help ease people through life’s ebbs and flows.

I pride myself in using my empathy and expertise in traditional barbering for a holistic, comforting experience. My daily motivator is making people feel welcome and boosting their confidence.

I specialize in both traditional clipper cuts, as well as mod-inspired, shaggy cuts with shears. The common ground between all my services is that they’re rooted in traditional barbering techniques. Whether you get a tight skin fade or a scissor cut inspired by Mick Jagger, you’re going to leave my chair with that “barbered” feeling: a freshly shaved neck, a nice smelling aftershave, and maybe a pep in your step.

In my chair, I only use cruelty-free, natural products. This includes my own rosewater aftershave.

On my days off, I enjoy recording music at home, consuming music (especially shoe gaze stuff and alternative rock from the 1980s and 1990s…and the Grateful Dead and Phish.), and grilling outside in the springtime. (Check out the shop Spotify playlists for an idea of what keeps us moving every day.)

I’m a barber, San Diegan, musician, vegan, father, husband, and overall weirdo.

Come take a trip with me.

– Andrew, barber and owner of Paloma Barbershop


They say they like to keep a low profile. For my own sake, I hope it stays that way. But they deserve all the business they can handle. Quite simply, it’s a great place to hang out.

Drew D.

Yelp Review

Super easy to talk to, makes you feel welcome every time and the shop is always clean and it’s groovy baby.

Arturo H.

Yelp Review

Paloma is a hidden gem in Golden Hill and once you shoulder your way through the stubborn front door, you’re treated to a groovy barbershop that has the same charm as your best friend’s basement. It’s cool and it’s cozy and I felt at ease the entire time.

Kyle K.

Yelp Review

Andrew strives to connect with his customers in an open and judgement-free environment and always provides fire recommendations on TV, music, and movies.

Dylan Ryder

Google Review