About Paloma

About Paloma

Paloma is a growing, eclectic three-chair barbershop where you are likely to find a barber who is a good match for your aesthetics, lifestyle, and beliefs. Currently, we have the minimalist vegan barber (owner Andrew) and the traditional barber (Mike) both working with a pink lava-lamp mural pulsating magic vibes all around.

The building where our shop is located is a like a geode in the heart of San Diego’s Golden Hill: a little rough and unassuming on the outside with a burst of color and intentional expression inside.

Our goal is to provide a peaceful place where people can get cleaned up for the daily grind, practice self care, and create community.

Traditionally, the barbershop is a community space where people gather and meet their grooming needs. At Paloma, we take this communal ritual to the next level. Our book club events and creative potlucks bring a diverse range of people and their talents under one roof to share their joy and merriment. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Spotify to stay connected.

Our mission is in our name. “Paloma” is Spanish for dove, which is a symbol for peace. It’s the only hope we have for the world. When we take care of ourselves, we can connect with each other a little easier.



They say they like to keep a low profile. For my own sake, I hope it stays that way. But they deserve all the business they can handle. Quite simply, it’s a great place to hang out.

Drew D.

Yelp Review

Super easy to talk to, makes you feel welcome every time and the shop is always clean and it’s groovy baby.

Arturo H.

Yelp Review

Paloma is a hidden gem in Golden Hill and once you shoulder your way through the stubborn front door, you’re treated to a groovy barbershop that has the same charm as your best friend’s basement. It’s cool and it’s cozy and I felt at ease the entire time.

Kyle K.

Yelp Review

Andrew strives to connect with his customers in an open and judgement-free environment and always provides fire recommendations on TV, music, and movies.

Dylan Ryder

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